Powerball NSD Autostart Range

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Powerball NSD Autostart Range
Hand Grip, Wrist & Forearm Rehabilitation with Strengthening Gyroscopes (Pro): 
  • SIMPLY SPIN - NSD Power Ball 280Hz Autostart Pro features an extremely practical automatic starting function, just wind the rotor backward and release for an instant, fuss-free start every time - no cord needed!
  • FASTER, HARDER, STRONGER - Powerball can generate up to 18kg of gyroscopic resistance for a muscle-burning upper-body workout that will substantially increase wrist and grip strength and rapidly build muscles in the shoulders and arms.


Power Ball Benefits - Hiphatter



  • SOOTHE & RELIEVE- Using Power Ball for as little as 3 minutes a day can effectively rehabilitate and prevent repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel, tendonitis and tennis elbow, as well as soothe and help repair broken bones and wrist fractures
  • POWERFUL GRIP STRENGTH - A highly-beneficial grip trainer for athletes and musicians alike, Powerball strengthens your fingers, wrists and hands for improved flexibility and finger dexterity making it a must-have product for climbers, golfers, tennis players, boxers and more, as well as guitarists, pianists, drummers, etc.
  • LCD SPEED METER - Made with only the highest-quality materials, Powerball features a drop-resistant military-grade shell, stainless-steel rotor, and a 6-mode LCD speed meter for tracking rehab progress and strength gains

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