Best Backpacks For Work and Play | Fashion & Practicality

Best Backpacks For Work and Play | Fashion & Practicality


As I have moved through my professional career I have become more pragmatic with my daily attire. Therefore the backpack has been my bag of choice for my daily commute. However, even though I have become more pragmatic with my choice of bag  I still remain fashion and style conscious. Therefore finding a backpack that was both practical yet stylish had been the top of the list when making a decision to buy, i.e. a backpack that didn’t look too “nerdy”. 

Style & Practicality

The Cross Country Backpack - Hiphatter See what's on offer HERE.

My work requires me to carry a laptop everywhere. If you’ve had experience working in IT companies with “agile” open-plan offices then you will be accustomed to almost everybody cradling a MacBook Pro or Lenovo Thinkpad about the office.

I usually walk, cycle or catch public transport to work so it was important that I chose a backpack that was water-resistant and comfortable. Most importantly it needed to have the capacity to carry all my stuff including my laptop.

Backpacks That I Have Tried and Tested So Far

Herschel | Dawson 

I bought the Herschel Dawson backpack as it was recommended by one of my friends. I was impressed with the craftsmanship and quality and it can carry more than expected thanks to the drawstring closure at the top.Herschel Dawson - HiphatterHerschel Dawson RRP From £65

I use this backpack to carry my 13” laptop to and from work along with my water bottle umbrella, wallet, charger cables, and the occasional reference book. This means that sometimes this backpack can get heavy, however, the padded shoulder straps make the weight bearable.

I’ve not had any issues with my belongings getting wet during rainy day commutes, and this includes a 20-minute cycling commute and a 30-minute walking commute in heavy rain.

The only downside for me is the lack of compartments. There is a computer interlayer to separate your laptop from the rest of your stuff, however, the only other two compartments are the two pockets at the front which have magnetic button clasp closures. I use these pockets mainly to carry my keys and my work badge, however on public transport I am conscious that these pockets aren’t the most secure against thieves. I suppose this is where you sacrifice practicality for style. That aside it’s a great looking backpack and it comes in a variety of different colours.


Hiphatter | Bodachel | The Cross Country

Cross Country Backpack - HiphatterThe Cross Country | Hiphatter RRP From £55

I use this backpack when I need to carry more than my usual daily items. Even though the Herschel Dawson can carry more than expected, its smaller capacity does have it’s limitations.

The Cross Country provided by Hiphatter has been useful for traveling to other regional offices which require an overnight stay. For me, this means travelling from the North of England (South Yorkshire) to London by train.

I’ll admit I am not a light packer, so I will usually be seen with this backpack as well as a small wheeled suitcase (usually used as cabin carry on for air travel). This has been useful for regional office visits as I would usually catch a 6:30 am train in order to get to the London office for 9:00 am (ish) which means traveling in trainers (sneakers) and changing into my office shoes before the train rolls into St Pancras or Kings Cross.

The Cross Country by Hiphatter has enough capacity to accommodate an extra pair of shoes, my laptop (up to 15.5”), water bottle, wallet, umbrella, charger cables, deodorant bottle, a couple of books and my lunch. The padded shoulder straps make the weight of all this bearable especially when I’ve had to stand up on the London Underground.

Like the Herschel backpack, The Cross Country keeps all my possessions dry in wet weather.  I will say that this backpack offers a lot more compartments inside the bag like a pocket for my mobile phone (Cell phone) and a strap to hold my water bottle in place. There is more padding between the computer pocket and the rest of the backpack for extra laptop protection.

The front pocket has a zip closure covered by two magnetic clasp buttons for extra protection, however, I am still reluctant to keep anything too valuable in there. I use the front pocket mainly to hold my work badge and keys.

Available at Hiphatter from £55.00


Hiphatter | The Vaschy

 Vaschy Backpack - Hiphatter

The VASCHY Backpack | Hiphatter RRP From £40


Honestly, I mostly use this backpack at the weekend and not for work. I can fit my 13” laptop inside this backpack if I need to and a couple of other necessities.

It does have a few compartments inside along with a side compartment for a water bottle or umbrella. I use the large compartment on the front for my house keys and things like tissues and charger cables.

This backpack is fully waterproof as I’ve cycled about 5 miles with this on my back in the rain and not had issues with the water seeping through.

If this was going to be used for a commute this backpack would be best for a commuter who doesn’t need to carry too much on a usual day. I can also see this suiting a student as a book bag.

As I don’t carry too much in this backpack it doesn’t get heavy for me however the shoulder straps are padded just in case I find myself carrying more than usual.

Available at Hiphatter from £40.00



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