The History of the Equestrian Scarf Horse Bit Print

The History of the Equestrian Scarf Horse Bit Print

Equestrian scarf print clothing, commonly known as "horsebit", "bit", or bridle prints, first became popular in the 1960s and 1970s with the rise of the equestrian fashion trend.


Bridle horse bit on a front facing horse nose - Hip-Hatter

The trend was driven by popular culture icons, such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (Jackie O) and the increasing accessibility of horse riding as a recreational sport.

The horsebit print consists of interlocking horse bits and snaffles, and it is commonly seen in clothing, accessories, and even home décor. The print has been adapted and reinvented through the years but remains a classic staple in fashion.

The popularity of horsebit prints has also been attributed to brands such as Gucci, who incorporated the print into their collections in the 1950s.

Gucci's use of the print, combined with the brand's association with luxury and high fashion, helped to elevate the horsebit print to fashion icon status.

The print was soon adopted by other luxury fashion brands and became a symbol of class and sophistication in the fashion industry. It has since become a timeless classic that continues to be seen on runways and in everyday fashion.

Black equestrian short sleeve button down shirt close up - Hip-Hatter


In recent years, fashion designers have continued to reimagine the horsebit print to keep up with changing trends and styles. The print has been seen in bold colours and oversized designs, as well as in more subtle and understated variations.

Women wearing Pink Equestrian Scarf Print Body Suit - Hip-Hatter

Overall, the versatility of the print, combined with its rich history and association with elegance and sophistication, has allowed it to remain a beloved classic in fashion.

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