How To Reshape A Crushed Fedora Hat

How To Reshape A Crushed Fedora Hat


How To Reshape A Crushed Fedora Hat




Steam is the best way to reshape your beloved fedora hat.  

Reshape Crushed Fedora Hat- HipHatter

We know your fedora may go through a lot within its life but it's good to know that it can be reshaped back to its former glory with a little steam and careful handling.

Reshape fedora hat with steam - Hip-Hatter


 1. Get the kettle to boiling point

 2. Open the top of the kettle so that there is a steady stream of steam. Keep your self around 20cm away to avoid burning yourself.

3. Remove any non felt embellishments or decorations on the hat to avoid ruining them. If embellishments can't be removed then try and keep them away from the steam.

4. Steam the hat with the inside facing you to avoid damaging or ruining the  sweatband, especially if it's made of leather.

Fedora Hat Reshape Instructions - Hip-Hatter

5. Apply steam to the entire hat to loosen the fibres and remove general wrinkles and unwanted creases. 

6. Select the creased/ wrinkled section and hold the hat over the steam until the fabric softens. Use your fingers to reshape the hat by gently pulling, bending, pinching, and stretching the hat until you get the shape you want.

7. Let the newly shaped portion of the hat cool off and set in position before moulding another part of the hat. Repeat this process for each section. Try and be patient for each section. If you move on too quickly without the section of the hat cooling off you may ruin the shape you want.

Crushed Fedora Hat Instructions- Hip-Hatter

  8. Let the hat cool down and set, but not     completely. Put the hat firmly on your       head to make sure it moulds to your head shape. Keep the hat on for at least 10  -15 minutes — this allows the hat to adjust to the shape of your head for the most comfortable fit.


Wait for the hat to dry and well done, your hat is ready to wear.

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